The fight against Climate Change, sustainable use of natural resources and protecting biodiversity are the main foundations of VIVANS's environmental strategy.

The Company works to strengthen day by day its position as a leading company in the contribution to the fighting climate change, using renewable technologies, reducing and offsetting its emissions, generating a positive water footprint on the planet and seeking innovative solutions that allow business to be at the forefront of the most advanced environmental standards.

Environmental strategy is structured around its commitment to combating climate change, promoting energy savings, optimising the use and management of water, using resources responsibly, managing waste effectively, preventing pollution and protecting the environment and biodiversity

Vivans's Group considers it to be a top priority to lead the transition toward low-carbon business models that reduce or mitigate the adverse effects of Climate Change. It encourages the adoption of ambitious global objectives to reduce emissions and the implementation of projects, products and services that contribute to decreasing greenhouse gasses (GHG), facilitating access to renewable energy, to water and environmentally sustainable infrastructures and promoting energy savings.